About FKJ

Sawada Foods has been chosen as the top Furikake maker for three consecutive years. FKJ is the furikake brand which Sawada Foods produced for advancing into the world market.

Four unique features of FKJ that differentiate it from other companies

  • Unlike granule and powder type furikake, FKJ has flavor and texture of the ingredients. That is why FKJ has abundant nutrients of each ingredients.
  • Making use of its wet character, the wet type furikake can be freely arranged into a variety of dishes.
  • A variety colors of furikake make white rice a colorful dish by just mixing with it.
  • Ika kombu (squid & kelp) and Ume chirimen (plum and dried young sardines ) have won the Gold medal in the National Furikake Grand Prix in Japan for three consecutive years. Since then, the two furikakes attracted attention nationwide and received media coverage constantly.

Products and services that delights the “people”

We continue to strive for customer satisfaction by delivering safe, high quality, highly original products and services on all aspects, from ingredient procurement to production, logistics and sales. We also put creating delightful products that is “Loved by the People” and “Useful for the People” first and treasure every new encounter.

Overseas Business Division Manager Kanki Sawada

Commitment to the products

Ever since our establishment, we have been working on research and development every day to deliver the rich deliciousness of seafood to the dining tables of families at home.

Our company has been delivering products that are unique and unavailable from other companies, through state of the art equipment, skilled techniques, thorough hygiene management, and incorporating not only seafood but also mountain vegetables that is so ingrained in Japanese food culture.
Our customers can look forward to unique products created by us.

All of our employees are committed to pursue the next level in tastes, and we aim to play a part in the food culture of the twenty-first century.

  • Ika Kombu

Ika Kombu

Our big-hit product mixed with generous amount of handpicked and delicately sliced squid with kelp from Hokkaido and krill. Not only is it perfect as a Furikake or for ochazuke, it is also a great ingredient for a variety of dishes such as, okonomiyaki, Japanese omelet, and salad.

The 56th National Fishery Processed Food Exhibition Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize winner and The Gold Award winner for the Nationwide Furikake Grand Prix of 2014 and the Nationwide Furikake Grand Prix 2015 Soft Furikake category.

  • Ume Chirimen

Ume Chirimen

Mixed of quality ingredients such as the delicious crispy textured plum, salted dried young sardines, nozawana, krill etc. A well-balanced mix of ingredients and the umami of plums are the secret to enduring tastiness. Great as Furikake and it is also great for arranging a wide variety of dishes.

Winner of the Nationwide Furikake Grand Prix 2017 Soft Furikake category Gold Award (The grand prix was cancelled due to the Kumamoto earthquake on 2016)

Company Profile

Company Name

Sawada Foods Co. Ltd.


April 1961


10 million yen

Chief Operation Officer

Daichi Sawada

Business Description

Processing, production and wholesale of seafood


Nishi-ku Takatsukadai 5-4-15 Kobe City, Japan(inside Kobe Food Industrial Area)

Contact Information

TEL 078-992-5050

FAX 078-992-9595

Number of Employees

90 person



Main Customer Base

Mass Retail companies nationwide

Convenience Shop companies

Consumer Co-operatives

Food trading and wholesale companies nationwide

Central Wholesale Markets nationwide


Korea, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru

Panel Banks

Minato BankAkashi Branch

Hyogo Shinkin BankManabigaoka Branch

Shoko Chukin BankKobe Branch

Mitsui Sumitomo BankHyogo Branch