Quality Control System


US FDA Standard
HACCP Certification

We set strict management standards to maintain high quality, safety and security.

Peace of Mind and Safety Initiatives

Fundamental Philosophy

We continue to strive for customer satisfaction by delivering safe, high quality, highly original products and services on all aspects, from ingredient procurement to production, logistics and sales.

Action Guideline

  • “Safety First” is our top priority; we deliver products and services that will provide our customers with a peace of mind.
  • We listen to our customers sincerely and carefully; actively provide the appropriate information that we hope will reflect on our products and services.
  • Each person in Sawada Foods acts sincerely from our customer’s perspective.
  • We adopt and implement international standards and philosophies such as the HACCP as soon as possible and we seek to understand and grasp the information of quality of overseas ingredients to ensure quality assurance.
  • In addition to compliance with quality laws and regulations, Sawada Foods will also voluntarily comply with the standards of each industry.

Quality Assurance System

At Sawada Foods, we have established an organization/auditing body to handle quality assurance initiatives across the divisions with feedback from our customers, from procurement of raw ingredients and production, logistics distribution and sales.

  • Ingredients Selection

    Ingredients Selection

    We thoroughly equipped for foreign matter removal through careful machine separation and visual selection.

  • Heat Sterilization

    Heat Sterilization

    We use the latest “High Temperature High Pressure Sterilizing Cooker.” Sterilization treatment is possible without affecting the flavor of the ingredients.

  • Quality Management

    Quality Management

    Skilled and experienced staff conduct thorough quality checks and hygiene management every day.