In order to protect personal information, we have established the following privacy policy and we aim to thoroughly enforce it.

Regarding the proper collection of personal information

We collect personal information only within the necessary range and we use the collection in compliance to the guidelines.

Regarding safety management of personal information

We will take the necessary and appropriate safety control measures to prevent leaks, loss or damage of personal information, and we will make efforts to continuously improve the measures.

Regarding compliance with laws and other norms relating to personal information

We will handle the personal information is full compliance with privacy protection laws and other laws related to personal information protection.

We may revise our privacy policy. The revised content is such cases will be published prominently on this website.

Regarding information requests from the website

When using this website, certain contents may require some personal information. This information is voluntarily provided and at your discretion.

The information required will mainly be within the range of basic information such as: name, email address and contact number etc.

In addition to the above, we may ask for additional information but this is optional with the exception the minimum necessary items and based on the visitor’s discretion.

We will not alter the information you have submitted without your consent.

We will not disclose or provide information to third parties without your consent or without justifiable reasons.

Security and Limitation of Liability

The responsibility of the usage of this website is held solely by the voluntary discretion of the visitor.

This website assumes no liability in relation to the contents or linked contents including any indirect, special or consequential loss.

Applicable Law

This website can be accessed from all countries around the world with different laws, regardless of differences in legal principles we agree to be bound by the laws of Japan.

This website assumes no liability to appropriateness of the content of this website. Access to this website is based on the visitor’s voluntary discretion and the visitor is solely responsible for its use.